RideauGlen08RideauGlen 150x113Rideau Glen is a ‘jewel’ in the world of golfing. One of the beauties of the course is the long, rich history behind it. When you add the richness of the history, it’s a real asset to the community.

Rideau Glen was built in 1929. The rumor goes Al Capone built the first three holes of Rideau Glen, which is right on the Rideau River, as a cover for running rum down the river. According to an un-named ‘gentleman that has lived in Kemptville for many years,’ the rotund, scar-faced thug was an avid golfer, who spent summers at a residence on Oxford Street in Kemptville (whose later owners discovered underground tunnels) and may have even put up the money to help the original owners of Rideau Glen build the course. The local folklore states that Big Al was a left-handed golfer, and wanted a course that would favor left-handers, so he helped build one. The longtime town resident's father told him he remembered seeing Capone ‘in his big black Cadillac coming to the course to inspect the progress of the construction.’

Rideau Glen appeals to golfers of all ages and types. Because it’s a shorter course, with a lot of natural beauty, it appeals to people who like to walk courses. The fairways are all separated by trees, which provides privacy. Rideau Glen is brimming with magnificent mature trees and creeks stemming from the Rideau River. It’s an executive style course.There are no par fives,The holes are short, but they’re challenging.

RideauGlenClubhouseThe course came under the management of Champion's Nest Management Group, based out of Ottawa in 2015. The Champion's Nest group is also involved in golf retail liquidation. On all our golf course sites, we have apparel, accessories and golf equipment at 50 per cent off the standard retail price.

For more information or to indulge in a round of golf, call (613)-258-4404. Rideau Glen is open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. until dark.